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Nelie is Home


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Well my friends, it finally happened! My "Nelie" is home safe and sound. Drove her about 140 miles to get home. Best 140 miles of my life. Unbelievable car. Pics and more details to follow.


Sorry I haven't been able to post pics until now. Been busy pampering. As most of you know, pics do not do the car justice but for ths of you waiting, you are definitely in for a GT500 treat. The ride is extremely smooth, clutch is very easy, and wow when you hit it, stand back. Although I am still in the babying break in stage, I have engaged the s/c a couple of times and it is very impressive. The whine is very distinctive and the boost and very noticeable.


Also, thank you to all on this forum for keeping my anticipation level high and helping me sleep at night by consoling, posting pics, and providing great inside scoop on this car. What an absoloute thrill this vehicle is!


Here are a few shots of my car (I had to put me in one of them having a cold one to toast her)....enjoy.
















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Congrats gt50035


Now update your signature!


Where are you located?


LB :shift:



Thanks LB! Sig updated. In all my excitement you would think I would have remembered to do that. I have about 265 miles on her now. Still takin it a bit easy. I am in awe of the car. The overall performance and ride and is remarkable for a car with 500 ponies under the hood.


I am located in Columbus, Ohio. A north burb called Westerville. You?



Nice Shelby! That blue looks great.





Thanks b17drvr! I love it. I especially like how it looks in the twilight hours of the day. They did a really nice job on the stripes. No bubbles and very straight.

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Congrats!! I have got to get mine soon otherwise I am going to burn up my F-150. I was trying to have some fun with a terminator today on 290 and 610. Of course, I was no match, but I like giving it hell. It has been entirely too long since I have had a "fast" car!!!!



Thank yenrod.


Trust me. The wait will be worth it. I used a lot of Nyquil to sleep until this weekend. This car is absolutely everything I hoped it would be. The SVT guys and Mr. Shelby did not let me down. So far, I have found nothing to complain about.


Your time will come soon and when it does get ready for the ride of your life. The car is just so smooth. Words cannot describe. I am pullin for you and all my Shelby buds waiting for there car.


Hang in there and be easy on your F-150.

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Congrats, she is beautiful! Good luck with her and enjoy! :)



Thank you MDGT. Sitting in the stable today due to rain. Yes I admit it, I cannot bring myself to taking her out in the wet stuff yet. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying this car. It is phenomenal.

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