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Quarter Window Options

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Does anyone have pictures of the quarter window options, the aluminum cover, black cover and the scoop? I have a 500 that I'm turning into a SS and am trying to get a better idea of what looks best. Thanks!


With the upper scoop option....................





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Hey there,


Couple of options here. Both are made of lightweight, high temp black urethane. They are cast with a high quality smooth finish that is paint ready. Both are flush mounted securely in place of the glass for a smooth integrated look. These are not taped on.


Here is a picture of the Agent47 Rear Quarter Window Delete Kit. Dont have them on our web site yet - HOPEFULLY soon. But, you can still order them through me. They are $149 for the pair.





Second option would be the Agent47 NACA ducts which can be used for air flow to the Driver, Brakes, Helmet, Diff cooler, etc. Thet are $199 for the pair.




Let me know if I can be of any help.





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WOW whos awesome car is that!!!! :hysterical:


Robert my car doesnt have SAT radio!!



michael morris



I saw the pictures..NICE!!...........Your rear decklid is just like mine, free of the black hockey puck, YEAH!! :happy feet:


I had to look long and hard to find the exact optioned 08 GT500 I wanted, correct color, correct options and most of all NO sat. hockey puck on the decklid.



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