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2005+ Mustang size vs. early models


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A friend of mine was telling me that the 2005+ models are much larger than a '69 - '70 model Mustang, and I felt that this was not a fact. Well, this morning I did some research and here is what if found, and I thought I would share it with everyone;


Year 2007 1969 1971 1968

Wheelbase 107.1 in 108 in 109 in 108 in

Length 183.2 in 187.4 in 187.5 to 190 183.6 in

Width 73.9 in 71.3 to 71.7 75 70.9









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The weight of the 2005 is certainly up there, though! The 2005 reminds me a lot of how much the 1971 put on a lot of pounds versus the 1970's. All our mandated safety and luxury crud is pushing the weight up every year!


That's true! Thankfully, however we have better power and handling to go with it...at a cost of course!

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Well...length is what really counts and since the '70 Stang was 5 inches longer...that does make a big difference when looking at them (also they were a bit taller)...

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