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First KR Delivered - Blair, Nebraska


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I was leaving a car show today, I had to make a stop at the local Ford Dealer in Blair, Nebraska (Woodhouse Ford).


To my amazment they had cleared all the cars from in front of the store except one...It is the first 2008 Shelby 500KR to be delivered to the general public...yes this is the first KR released to the public. This car has just arrived a few hours earlier. I know this is a KR but it is still a Shelby.


I would down load pictures, but the smallest file is 1,500 KB


As the story goes, there is a family in Nebraska that has always loved Mustangs (they have 4 or 5 from 1968 thru last models). But several months ago the Mom of the family finds out that she has terminal cancer. Her situation is critical and she does not have long to live. Her biggest dream is to have a Shelby 500 KR. So the family did everything they can and was able to get on the waiting list.


However what they did not know, is that the dealership called Ford and Shelby to explain the story. Everyone agreed that they were not sure if this lady would live long enough to ever see the car as the normal assembly process goes. So Ford and Shelby have expedited this car the be the first car delivered. It is car number 085KR0053.


As I was there I got the see this lady go out see her car.


Goes to show you that Ford and Shelby really do care about our problems how every big or small they may be. I was told at the dealership that Ford would be doing an article on this delivery.


We need to remember the important things in life. Just this last week, four young Boy Scouts were killed by a tornado less than 40 miles from my house. After today's car show there was a town parade with a Boy Scout troop marching in it. As they get in front of us, several of them were carrying a very large American Flag. This troop stops, orders were given (Military style) to lower the Scout flags...followed by a bugler playing taps. You could have heard a pin drop when he finished.



No matter how big our problems may be with squeeks, paint, stripes or anything else, we need to put thing into perspective.


Thanks for putting up with my rambling. But I thought you may want to know that Ford and Shelby do care about us.

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Not sure how to set it up. How do you do that?



Go to www.photobucket.com


Set up an account if you don't have one. It is FREE


Then load your pictures there.


Then after loading them, click on the little box on each one you what to post.


Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on "Generate HTML and IMG code"


The next page will show 5 boxes with the code and links of your pics selected


The 4th box down says "IMG images for message boards"


Put your mouse pointer inside that box and click. It will highlight everything in the box. Then copy it. Then paste that here inside this box where you type your post.


Hit add reply! That's it!



Then your pics will appear like this one here:




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Nice pics! Thanks for posting! From the dash plaque, it appears that this is KR #53. I wonder how many of the first 52 wre actual production cars vs prototypes/press cars?


Does the CSM relate to the VIN number? i.e. is does this car have a VIN XXXXX0053? Or is there no relationship?

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I still can not digest the size of wheels (mags) on the KR......... :redcard:



Those wheels are 285 on the rear and 255 on the front.


Also note that they are 18" and not 20". I tried to get a picture of the tire identification but they did not turn out.

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