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Got my package from Silver Horse..............

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Well, I got my package from Silver Horse today, these pieces look great!!!!!!


I bought the Sequential tail-lights from them and installed them already. Was not difficult, took about 30 minutes, but that is only because I have the shaker 1000 speaker that I had to remove. I also took my time. They work Great!


Got my cup holder in Satin Bright Anodized, looks Great!!!


Got my shifter bezel, but I am not installing because I want to get a new shifter boot. With that said, I am very happy with this piece as well.


My climate control knobs and E-brake pieces are on back order, hoping to get them in the next couple weeks.


Will post pic's tomorrow

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nice pics :lurk:


do i see food crums in your shifter boot? :redcard:

lol, dont feel bad...my floorboard looks like the bottom of a hamster cage with all the dead grass that comes off my shoes. one time i went to a gas station durring lunch break to get a breakfast sandwhich. the next day i saw a broken chunk of the biscuit that was on the floorboard that must have broken off while i was eating the sandwhich. they only give us 30 minutes for lunch and it takes 15 minutes to get to a gas station and back(THATS OPEN AT 3AM). so i have to eat half my food on the way back...dont ask me how i do it with a manual tranny but at least there is no traffic. :drop:

i have to vacume it out daily. i use a cordless handheld vacume...works good.

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