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I finally cured the squeaking!


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A few weeks ago my car started squeaking like a family of mice in a cheese factory. I could not figure it out. I used a hose to try to isolate the sound, holding one end up to my ear and the other around the different pulleys to determine where it came from. I could not isolate it as it was coming from the lower part of the engine. I suspected the AC pulley since when I turned on the AC it really started making noise.


First I pulled the belt and checked the Metco pulley. The bearing felt notchy so I replaced it with one from Napa. NO SUCCESS.


Then I took it to the dealership and they said it was the pulley under the intercooler inlet and outlet. They replaced it under warranty. NO SUCCESS.


Then I purchased a new belt just to make sure the belt was not the culpret. SUCCESS! The belt that was on it only had 1200 miles on it but I guess the IW pulley or AC pulley cause the belts to start chirping after a while. I have heard this was a problem with the IW pulleys.


So... my little nugget for everyone that has KB and IW lower... Go get your belts at O'reilly Auto Parts. If your belt part number is MICRO V AT 25-100891 - They have them for about $34 bucks. I think this is far cheaper than anywhere else. They had to bring it in from out of town but they had it next day for no extra charge. Also change the belt out first thing to see if that is the problem. Don't waste time on the pulleys until you eliminate the belt as the problem. I am keeping the other belt as a backup for emergencies.

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Did your squeak change with RPM and temp? When my car gets real hot its fine, but when cold it squeaks. I was pretty sure it was a bearing on the 10rib belt system, but now you've got me thinking....

It started out as a little squeaking on startup and then it went away as it warmed up. It gradually got worse every day. It stopped when it warmed up but when I turned the AC on it started again. Eventually it was squeaking all the time and when the AC was on it was unbearable. That is what made me think it was the AC pulley. I talked to someone that told me the IW pulleys were notorious for squealing belts and that they had changed out all the pulleys on their car before they changed the belt, but that solved it. So I decided before I tackled the AC pulley I would try the belt change out. It worked. I am a happy man once again!

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