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2007 GT/CS arrives


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This is my 1st post to the site, yet I have been reading it for 2 months. Lots of good information. I ordered a new White GT/CS coupe from the Ford fleet sales dept on June 21st. Sub to plant was July 5th. Got a VIN on July 6th. The Stang was Bucked on July 31st. Released from Plant was Aug. 7th. The car arrived by rail and then was transfered to the dealer on Aug. 18th. It is a sweet ride. I bought it for my wife and she loves it. Now I am waiting to order a GT Shelby since the GT500 is impossible to get unless you are rich. I am hoping to be able to order one in 60 days or so when the order banks open. Here are some photos of my wifes new GT California Special.

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