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Fun with Math

Three Cobras

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OK folks, I need some help. I have been following this deal for as long as most, and I am in the market. I wonder if anyone can help me do some simple math. Since money will come up in this discussion, let's just talk strictly MSRP - the ADM is something entirely different so please let's dispense with that by saying the car will sell for MSRP.

My questions:

1. Guessing the Premium 2006 GT Coupe goes for $28K (correct me if I'm off here) and guessing the GT500 coupe is $39K (correct this if you KNOW the price, not guessing), and knowing my 04 Cobra coupe was $35K with IRS, what are reasonable ideas about what causes the $11K difference? Looking at he delta in cost:

- suspension components? $1K? $500? testing $29.95?

- wheels and tires? $1k? $500?

- engine and peripherals? $3K?

- transmission? $1K?

- leather? $1K

- body kit? $500?

- hood? (if aluminum) $1K

- brakes? $200?

- anything else?

2. Weight differential of 460# (correct me if wrong)

- engine? 250#?

- transmission? 50#?

- Gucci leather trim? 100#?

- anything else?

I still think the 03 / 04 Cobras are great cars - love mine. I'm also a Powerlease guy so I know I can get a GT500 if I decide to. So let's have some fun with math now that there's more flesh on the bone so to speak after the debut in Detroit.

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Your delta in cost forgot the "goodwill" value of the Shelby name being affixed to the car. Just having his name on the car must be worth something - ask anyone who's been to the Barrett-Jackson auction lately to see Shelbys on the auction block.


Also, MSRP for the last of the 2004 Cobra Coupes was $36,050, so a GT500 with an MSRP of $39,995 is less than a $4K delta over MSRP from 3 years ago - not too bad considering the extra 85hp, Shelby name, new platform, and slight inflationary adjustment for 3 years.


MSRP for a 2006 Mustang GT premium coupe is $27,040 before options, but add equipment that you'll likely see as standard in the Shelby and the MSRP increases to $29,920. So, if the GT500 coupe has a starting MSRP of $39,995 you're talking about a $10K delta over a Mustang GT. Could you buy a Mustang GT and modify it with $10K and get the same performance and look as the GT500? It would be close, I'm sure, but you'd still end up with a GT500 clone and not the real thing.

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Five Oh B -

Thanks. I was tying to get to the intangible value of the Shelby name by removing the actual costs for other things. You forgot the IRS on the 04 that has been speculated to add $5K so we're back to the $15K difference again. The "Is it worth it" question can only be answered by the person who signs the checks. But I am still undecided whether to keep my 04 or spring for the 07 (well, maybe 'summer' or 'fall' for the 07 the way things are going).

It's all about price at this point since I don't know yet what the final 'as delivered' cost will be. For example, will the MSRP include the gas guzzler tax? I suspect the price has not been announced yet because the gas mileage may not have been determined in order to assess the gas guzzler penalty. Could be they were close to one of the breakpoints between ranges and are fiddling with it. The car hasn't changed enough since March for it to be something big.

Man, this has been consuming a lot of collective energy for many of us, hasn't it? I wonder if I'm really in 'The Matrix' and this is how they keep me producing energy for the machines to use . . . . . . . . .

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