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Switched Blue SS over to 40th

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About 2 weeks ago I decided to get the 40th package on my Vista Blue coupe, as I just couldn't see the flat-black stripes working on that colour. And I didn't really want to remove the stripes and change the SAI package. So I switched. There were a couple of advantages: first, I could bring it in right away, even with the full SS power options (725HP KB, brakes, short-throw shifter, and 3.73 gears). Second, there's only going to be 500 40th Anniversary packages built, so for what it's worth, it will be more of a rarity. And finally, I could get silver wheels, instead of chrome.


If you want to read about my trip to SAI and my check-in experience, which was great, here's the link:




I also posted pictures. I'm still pumped about getting my black convertible SuperSnaked, even more now that I've seen them in person. The black coupes are, well, as MM says, "Words are useless!" I may have to give up one of mine and find a black coupe... :yup:


Hey, here's an idea :idea: If any black coupe owners that are well down on the waiting list, and want a finished Blue 40th or Black SS vert (when it's done), let me know. Maybe we can work out a trade. The 40th is a US car, the vert Can-eh-dian... :banvictory:

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a friend of mine got the 40th with the 725 upgrade done to a blue and a black coupe. His reasons were the same as yours. He has both of them back and he has tungsten stripes on the black and white on the blue. The chrome KB is really awsome. I love my black vert ss but I gotta tell ya his cars are beautiful. He is selling his black coupe to buy a KR. It should be in the duPont regestry soon.

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