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Gimmick Ralley


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At our informal meet yesterday, we all talked about some other events we could look into. I mentioned a Gimmick ralley and a Time-Distance ralley. While I look around for local events, here's a link to a description of both...




If anyone knows of a local event, post up!


Happy Motoring, gents.

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Put me down as a definite maybe---am interested in the rally, depends on my work schedule & my son's baseball games

Will do, sir.


I'm not having a lot of luck on this topic at the present time. Maybe because of the Memorial Day weekend, maybe because of gas prices, I can't say. But, it just doesn't seem to be as active a weekend sport as I recall it no long ago. However, if you owned a Harley, played poker, and wore something pink, you could be busy every weekend (yes, I know that's not a pretty picture).


"Still checking, please hold..."

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