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My Ding-a-ling


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Hey everyone, I never told anyone this story, but I was in a good mood so I thought I’d share it.




When I was a little bitty boy my grandma bought me a cute little toy. It was two silver bells hanging on a string and she told me it was my ding-a-ling-a-ling.


When I was in grammar school I always went by the very best rule, but every time the bell would ring, you'd catch me playing with my ding-a-ling.


Once I was climbing the garden wall, I slipped and fell had a terrible fall. I fell so hard I heard bells ring, but I held on to my ding-a-ling-a-ling.


Once while swimming across turtle creek, man them snappers were right at around feet. Sure was hard swimming cross that thing, with both hands holding my ding-a-ling.


Now this here thought, it ain't so bad, the cutest little thought you ever had. Those of you who will not ring, you must be playing with your own Ding-a-ling.




Hey, maybe I should make it into a song.


Barry, you out there??????



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I thought I could have some fun with this.

That has been one of the long time fun songs in my collection. I made the mistake of letting little AJ hear it last your. The next thing I know I'm getting a call from his preschool that there is a problem. Boy did I have some explaining to do. LOL

If anyone ever finds themselves at a bar drunk and you get called up to do kareoke (sorry don't know how to spell it) you should sing this song. You'll be sure to win. It always makes a boring party fun or a great party unforgetable.

For those young enough to not know this song I highly recommend getting it from itunes.

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