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Exhaust and a great little shop


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I love the sound of Flow Masters. I run them on my 1968 Dodge Charger RT and they sould great. So,,,Yesterday,,,, We cut the stock mufflers off the OE Axial Back pipes and then cut the OE exhaust tips off the OE mufflers. We welded the Flow Master 40s to the OE Axial Back pipes, fabricated hangers to work with the OE hanger points and welded the OE exhaust tips to the Flow Master 40s.


The results are a great sounding car that looks like it has the OE exhaust.


You noticed that I kept using the term we.. The truth is that a little shop in McCleary Washington did all of this and I am out only $240 parts and labor. This guy did a lot of work and basically created an axial back Flow Master exhaust system. He builds custom exhaust systems from scratch if that is what you want. He said that our GT 500 OE exhaust is pretty cool except for the mufflers.


I live about 80 miles from DJ's Custom Exhaust but it was worth the nice drive even in the rain. His name is DJ Blaylock. He is an old hippy like me and does great work for not so much money. His card says "I'm Cheap, I'm Good, I'm fast" and that is exactly true in my experience.


I may be the only one here with Flow Master but my sound is as good as anyones. I don't know if I have more power or not but my car tries to get away from me from time to time the way it is so I don't really care if I have more power.

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