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Car Being Delivered TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!


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Newbie here.


The long Rollercoaster ride may be over

Spoke with a tech at my dealer who told me about this site. COOL! :cheerleader::shift::shift::cheerleader:

Can I post video of it coming off transport?

A little birdie told me I will get a call just before car arrives so I can video it pulling in and coming off transport.

Hopefully the excitement will allow me to get some pics too!

More SOON! ( I HOPE)



Congrats. Thats a pretty cool first post. Post some pics and video.

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Guest evilchris

Robert, You need to get rid of/muzzle people like evilchris. Or at least have people follow the rules? He is ruining your forum



Quit stirring shit. Calling someone out for endangering the LIVES of other people for reckless driving doesn't ruin the forum. You, however, are breaking the rules by outright flaming me in the open forum.


FYI, here is my post he refers to as not following the rules:



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