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09 Alloy On Order

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After being denied an 08 GT500 at MSRP because someone else was faster at the gun than I was, I went to my local dealer who is allocated only one GT500 per year and talked to my salesman about what just transpired. He asked me that if I was to order one, what color and options would I go for? So we went through all the options and got the color down. One of the options that I wanted was the ambient lighting but he couldn't get it to take in the system. We looked at the order guide and it said that 15 percent was going to get ambient lighting so we figured that it was all allocated already. He called the processing center for soome help with this and they told him that ambient lighting is now standard on the 09 models.


Now here is the wierd part. I told him that I was not going to pay over sticker on any car. I have waited this long, a little longer won't hurt. He said that he has to go to the owners of the dealer and get their approval. Remind you, this is a small town dealer that has 2 salesman. He told me that Ford puts a $1500 something or another on to the car that the dealer has to pay and that he might be able to get me the car at sticker plus this $1500 supplemental charge they pay. Since there are some dealers on here, maybe they can clear it up for me and others. Am I being fed a line bull or what?


If it a line of bull and they won't give me the car at sticker, then I will take all my business elsewhere and so will my step son and friend. There is also the word of mouth of how unfair a dealer can be in a small town. So far, I have bought the following vehicles from them since 99.


89 F-150

96 Probe

01 F-150

02 Mustang V6

03 F-250 diesel

03 Expedition

05 Mustang GT

08 F-250 diesel


Plus the normal service on all these vehicles. I think they can part with the GT500 at sticker. What are your thoughts? Am I being an a$$?

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There is no 1500 dollar supplemental charge. The dealers that were able to sell these cars signed a two year contract that cost them 1500 to get them certified. Nobody knows what will happen with the 2009 as it hasn't been announced yet. You do have to pay gas guzzler tax, but that should be included already. Hope this helps,



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We did pay money to be CERTIFIED to sell the GT500. It gave us some sells books and stuff, but it was a one time charge. I was thinking it was $2500 but Shelbydude might can correct me on the exact amount. The dealer may not be trying to get something over on you. Sometimes small town dealers dont keep up with everything and they assume they pay that every year.

We dont know what the allocation is going to be next year or how many GT500s are going to be built. If its a short run on GT500s he might not get one this year. Until Ford lets us know what the numbers and allocation is going to be all dealers will be just guessing.


michael morris

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It was a $1,500 enrollment fee that was good for the 2007 and 2008 model years.


No one knows yet whether Ford will charge anything for the 2009 year or not or how many they are building or how the allocation will work or whether or not every dealer will get one for 09.


Everything is still a mystery so far.

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Ford billed us the $1,500 enrollment fee for the 2007-8 run, but charged us in $375 increments. Our accounts payable clerk puts these in front of me everytime to clarify whether it is a legitimate charge we are supposed to pay. I'm assuming that we will be billed a similar amount for the 2009 run, but have not seen anything in writing yet.

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