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finally done


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Looks Hot! How about a list of mods?




List of Aftermarket parts.



JLT carbon fiber intake

JLT carbon fibre fuse box cover

JLT carbon fibre raditor cover

Upper supercharger pulley

Metco auxillary idler pulley

Borla axle back exhaust

Dynotech 900 hp aluminum driveshaft

Steeda tri ax shifter

Shelby 20" Chrome Razor Wheels

Nitto tires. 0

Clear bra (covers bumper / hood / fenders

20% Window tint

Tokico d spec front struts and rear shocks

Bmr upper control arm.

BMR billet lower control arms

BMR sway bar relocation

BMR tubular adj panhard bar

BMR drive shaft safety loop

BMR lowering springs 1.25 ft 1.75 rear

BMR camber bolts

BMR lower control arm relocation bracket

BMR upper control arm relocation bracket

BMR upper panhard bar support

Canton coolant expansion tank

PFAB intercooler resevoir tank

GT500 heat sheild

MGW chrome oil cap

MGW CHROME dip stick

Chrome strut bar

Polish coil covers

Polish blower by Stiegemeier

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Hey that ride is sweeeet!!!!!!!!! I likey!!!!


It looks like one i saw in the Cincinnati area, beachmont area i think. Is that the same one or does it have a sister.


Anyway looks great, enjoy, be safe.


is the same one,now in montreal

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Congrats canuck! :happy feet: That's one awesome looking Shelby. I saw on another thread that you planned on being at the Ottawa show on May 10. I should be there also and look forward to have the opportunity to see your car up close and meet you there.

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