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Proud Father of a new girl!!!!


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Well ladies and gentlemen the car of my dreams has arived. Yes you have guessed it the 08 GT500 Ebony with the grey striping.

Took delivery of April 18th 2008 at King's Ford Cincinnati Ohio, with a bud of mine Bruce who picked up a stunning Vista Blue and white strip combo.


:happy feet: :happy feet:


I literally go out to the garage and stare at her every few hours when im at hme, just to remind myself that its not a dream anymore.


Question, How are pics posted? Ive got some lovely ones of her after her first bath that I want to share.


Talk to you all later im going out to :shift: !!!!!!!!


Pics to come!!!!!!



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Just sold a Black with gray stripes, thats a great color combo.

Congrats and enjoy driving her



michael morris


When I saw this post, I thought it was for Michael's new delivery coming soon!!! like the real thing though!

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Finnaly got some pics up!!!!! Sorry it took soo long, enjoy.












The first 4 images are from her first bath.

This thing really shines, i was thinking of waxing her right away, but i dont think it needs it. What do you guys and girls think?


The last 3 were on pick up day, this was a perfect day, on april 18th, and I finnaly offically met Bruce who was there to take delivery as well.

We planned to get there near the same time.

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Imagine Bigdrawz car to the right of mine in the first pic. It was awesome. Two sweet rides parked side by side as you entered the dealer. It was great to meet Bigdrawz after a few months of online chat. His car looks even sweeter in person. Man, did we look like little boys at delivery.





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