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Kind of black powder/dirt in exhaust tail pipe?

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I was washing my 3805 tonight and i noticed that inside the exhaust tail pipe an accumulation of a tiny layer of black powder/dirt.


It was not a lot since it was not visible when looking at the interior of the exhaust tail pipe from a 4-6 feet away.


However, when i put my finger in it, my finger got dirty with a black powder/dirt. My fincger was not all black but it had some trace of black dirt.


What this could be? Engine not completely burning the gas or could it be burned oil?


Is there other member that noticed that anomaly?


Could it be caused by the fact that my car has only 400 miles on it and this will go away when putting more miles on it?


Member who are mechanic or have a lot of experience in engine, please speak up.



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Sounds like normal to slightly rich.The factory FRPP tune is conservative in that it is a bit on the rich side.Probably what you are getting.Other possibility is what you mentioned on the rings passing a bit of oil until break in but unlikely as the car would have needed oil by now.or does it?

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It is carbon build up. Most likely your tune, as other's, is running rich. Too much fuel. Nothing a good tune and a Steeda cold air elbow won't take care of.


Opps............there I go, spending your money. I guess Mywickedshelby was right afterall. :lol:

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