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A yellow 500 conv?


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The VIN is 195871 which is real close to the prototypes. The description says only 7 miles on the odometer. Anybody know anything about this.




They were nice enough to display a contact number. You should call and get direct answers. This car will probably carry some value later due to it can't be many yellow GT500 produced due to taking it from the color choice for porduction.

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Definitely G/O.


Wait a minute!

They have my car!

Those bastages, that's where they've been hiding it! :rant:


Seriously, looks just like what I've ordered, except I think this one has White rocker stripes, mine is ordered as Tungsten stripes.


Be intersting to see what this one tops out at. With a little luck it won't go over MSRP, but I know the odds of that are a matter of the weather, when hell freezes over...



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