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SGT #4759: A piece of history for someone


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I've had a few questions about the 2007 Black Shelby GT that was on display during Carroll Shelby's introduction as the 2008 automotive executive of the year. The Shelby GT, #4759 was the only one on display. There were also 3 GT500KRs, one 1968 GT500KR and a 2008 GT500.


After the event was over, Carroll Shelby walked over and signed the car's dash. . .I thought, what a lucky owner. It was the only vehicle there that he signed.


As luck would have it, I was asked to return the Shelby to its owner - a 35 minute drive away :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:


It was the first Shelby GT with a manual transmission that I drove - wow - these cars are really a blast to drive! The Shelby GTs have a temperament that is separate from any other Mustang. . .you'd have to drive one to know just what I mean.


Here's the exciting part: Shelby GT #4759 was lent to us from a local Ford dealer to display for the event. After the event, it was put back on display at the dealership for someone to purchase. So, if you're looking to purchase a part of Shelby history, contact Christie Parker (e-mail her here) or ring her at 248.379.0488.









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Wow, that's awesome. Wish I had some spare cash and more room! Wait a minute...I guess I already wished that already...oh well... :lol:

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