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Drag Launch Help.


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So this weekend I am going to compete in an SCCA ProSolo event which features a drag start (with tree) and then an autocross component. My car is stock. 5sp. Due to my aversion to getting tickets and no track time at a drgstrip with this car at all, what have you guys found to be the optimal launch technique (rpms, gear, clutch release, etc..) for the quickest 60ft times. I have some limited drag experience, none in this car. Of course my TCS will be off for the event. Having said that, I would appreciate any advice you guys could provide, I am into getting better and am wanting any advice, no matter how simple it may seem...Thanks in advance!

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The GT500's have a launch "program" built into the traction control system. The SVT engineers call it the Kenny Bernstein launch control, but I personally like to call it the John Force control.


I don't know if SGT's have this program built into their TCS, but here's how it works in the 500's...


Make sure that the traction control is on, Tach the engine up to 3,000 and when the tree turns green, dump the clutch and let the launch program do it's stuff.


The SVT boys swear that you will get a better launch with the program than if you go it alone. Like I said, I don't know if the SGT's have this feature built in or not, but it might be worth a call to SVT to find out.


My advice about launching? Breath. After the tree turns green, shift your sight down to the tach and keep and eye on your engine speed; there is no gain or value in activating the rev-limiter so make sure that you up shift right at the pinnicle of each gear's powerband without overreving the engine.


Your natural response to the tree turning green will be to dump the clutch and floor the pedal. That's normal, but not necessarly the best way to launch. As stated by CR, you will need to modulate the throttle and let the clutch slip (a little) in order to reduce wheel spin.


Once the tires bite, then let all the horses loose but don't over-rev the motor.


Practace launching as many times as you can before the event, and make sure that you have the proper air pressure in your rear tires. Too much pressure will just cause you to spin the tires, and too little could bog the engine down at launch and create higher friction going down the track which will also slow you down.


Good luck!

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