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Vote for your favorite Boss Colors!!!


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Yellow the 1970 Boss 302 Yellow with black strips

This probably won't sound too coherent...because it's hard to explain....but I think yellow is an awesome color on sports cars, but it has to be a very specific kind of yellow. Not too pale, not too bright, not too washed out. I see many yellow cars and 90% of them look like :censored: , but then the other 10% look really sick!


Slightly off topic, but I will say that although I never cared much for Chrysler cars, they had the neatest colors in the '60s. That purple color (I think it was called plum crazy?) they had was incredible....and a few others too. http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/product/full/ap/...60/graphic1.swf



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Grabber Orange with Racing Stripes doesn't anyone like Orange anymore!!??

The stripes need to be Grey or Silver NOT Black


I have a Grabber Orange GT500, SL, I LOVE it!!!

On the Boss, all colors look good- White, black, Grabber Blue (one of my favorites)...but you will not see grey or silver stripes on a Boss...it owuld get some people very upset! Right Dan??? :hysterical2:



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