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Let the Mods begin!!


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Thanks Capt. I initially had my mind set for the Vapor with Black stripes. I found this one with 2.8 miles on it less than 35 minutes from my house. Still had all the stickers and wrappers on it. I really liked the Black/Red interior too. Got it for Sticker, full tank of fuel came with it and they waived the title/doc fees. My wife asked if I could change the stripes to black and I thought about replacing the white tape with the matte black strip and deletinmg the side stripes. I think I'll hold off until I get all the mods done and see how she looks lowered with the Alcoa 20" wheels. Gonna be a fun toy! Thanks for the compliment!!


Congrats with your new GT500. You picked the best color combo. Don't get too many tickets. I hope you got a good deal on her also.



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