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Caliper painting

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I recently bought a set of GT500 Brembo calipers for my car and I figured while I was upgrading all my brake bits brakes I would paint all my calipers red. I bought the G2 Caliper paint kit and painted the four calipers for my car. The kit largely worked as described it had good coverage and was very glossy but it came out pretty much the way you would expect a brush job would. The rear brakes are a rough casting and the caliper paint worked pretty well for that, but the Brembo's are a smooth casting and they show every imperfection. I think a guy could get away with running this since its tucked in behind the wheel, I mean who really scrutinizes a caliper, but I just couldn't bring myself to put them on my car so they are now being powder coated and I highly recommend that you consider powder coating rather then the brush on kits. No offense to those that have done it and are happy with it, its just not for me.

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