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1967 Stripes


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From what I understand they were a 10.5" tapered stripe which was reduced down to 9.25" in some spots with 2" spacing.


This is the format I went with on my CS6 however I have a 10" straight lemans stripe with 2" spacing.


This is why looking from the rear of my car , the Shelby letter spacing overlaps the S and the Y by about 50% when the current spacing clears th S and Y totally.


I wanted a little old school to a new project.


If I remember correctly " The Mustang Depot" has all kinds of this old Shelby info and parts.


Hope this helps..




Thanks Randy. The 67 GT500 didn't have Shelby deck lettering, so this will be of help.

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Grab yourself a copy of the TONY BRANDA parts catalogue its in the back section. GOOD LUCK.


If the other posts didn't help you then here is an Adobe PDF of the information from our catalog.


LeMans Stripes Info & Diagram


As you may or may not know, the 1967-70 Shelby did not receive LeMans stripes at the factory, if they were installed it was most likely by the dealership. They do look great on the 1967 though! :happy feet:

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