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Stripped a strut screw :(

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Well looks like I really screwed up :banghead: . I left the plenum cover on too long and I stripped a strut screw. :censored::banghead::censored::banghead::censored: Take it from me that the plenum covers under the brace are just not worth the risk. Wonder how much this is going to cost me to fix? I will be heading to Quantum Performance and see what they can do.


I expect that the whole shock will have to be removed. So any mods worth doing while they have the area in pieces?



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It would be a die. And if it's not stripped to badly they may be able to save it.


I'm wondering if the studs are pressed into the underside of the strut flange? If so, they may be able to push it out and simply replace it with a new stud.




Is it a stock GT strut or a FRPP strut on that car?

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