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GT500 King of the Road Hits Dayton, Ohio

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I just saw the GT500 KR at the Dayton Convention Center. The set up is similar to the Detriot International Auto Show without the 1/2 a million people and tremendous flash and pazzazz show. As soon as you walk in-- boom-- there it is, a beautiful piece of mad muscle machinery. To it's right, a black Bullet. Yes, I said a Black GT Bullet with a strange set of very attractive alloy rims and a blackened grill with a chrome edge. To the right of it, was yet another vine red Mustang GT. Off to the far right...the new Dodge Challenger SRT in Orange with Black stripes as depicted in every magazine I've seen so far. There was also a cross section of Ford F150 5.4 L engine (which is the foundation of our Shelby's motor less 4V heads and super charger). The fasinating part of this particular display was being able to see the detailed inner workings of our basic engine design. The Dayton-Center is loaded with cars and as soon as you walk into the foyer area, you'll immediate be greeted by an old purplish brown Dodge Duster and a couple of go fast go furious cars tricked out. Since i got a quick preview today, prior it's official start time (tomorrow thru Sunday) and having zero camera equipment, I'll certainly return this weekend, grab some photos and try to post them in this site.



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