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40th Anniversary -GT500KR

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I am confused (again) ...are all 2008/2009 GT500KRs 40th Anniversary Editions or only some? Are there any 40THAE that are not KRs?


Not to split hairs - Yes the 2007 is the 40th anniversary of the GT500 and 2008 is the 40th anniversary of the GT500KR. However, for the 2007 GT500 there is a 40th Anniversary upgrade "package" - of which there will be only 400 or so produced. This is a post-title upgrade done by SAI. The 2008 GT500KR includes the cosmetic 40th badging already, so I don't believe there will be any special 40th "package" for it. It is in and of itself - already the 40th "package". The difference being - the GT500KR is a pre-title option.

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