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No longer a lurker!


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I am now a full fledged member of the Shelby club! Sold my 1966 GTO and the garage space was empty for a grand total of 7 hours.

Just got her home and damn does she look good! Will be ordering my signed dash plaque tomorrow.

Anybody looking to buy a Shelby or any Ford vehicle should call Courtesy Ford in Conyers, GA. They still have a triple black GT500 'vert and are taking new orders! My friend Randy Morris is the dealer and Mike Michaels was my salesman - tell them Tim with the Red GT500 sent you!

Car is Torch Red with Black Lemans stripes, black/crimson interior w/premium trim, nav, HID & ambient lighting - everything I wanted and more!

Pics to follow this week!



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Let's see if I can attach a couple pics.

Car on the left behind the bikes is my 490rwhp turbo '06 GT convertible and the one on the left is well.... you know who!

Nice pic's.


Now about those bikes. It's making me nervous. :huh:

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