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2007 w/ a paxton 2200


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I dont have my dyno sheet scanned in but it put out 499rwhp and 440rwtq @6200rpm. I have the 2200HO kit installed.



I hope your not doing that with a stock bottom end! If you are, you will need to start looking at forged shortblocks soon. :eek5:

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Thats a monster! Is that on the Diablo tune from Paxton? Your motor hp is close to 580?


That is a good question. Its an interesting story actually. When I went to upload the Paxton tune there wasnt one in the diablo, but there was a Vortech air/water IC tune. After resolving some spark blow out issues with plug gap being to large, we ran a few runs to make sure the tune was safe. A/F was good around 10.5-11.00 and timing looked good with none over 18 degrees WOT. That was how we got the 499rwhp and 440rwtq numbers at 6200rpm and 12psi.


Now was the question why is there no Paxton tune and only the Vortech one? I called Paxton and they passed the phone around a few times and finally someone says that I dont see the Paxton tunes due to my having an SGT and its locked out cause I should have gotten a Shelby Paxton. Needless to say I just left he Vortech tune on it since my tuner verified it safe.


The only issue we had with the entire install aside from the tuner issue was due to the larger front sway bar we had to re-route the discharge side of the blower piping to the intercooler with a 90 degree bend fitting.


The blower is very strong and after 2,000 miles no problems so far.

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