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can you peel off over the top stripes?


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First go to a local sign shop and ask if you can use a striping tool it is about 2.5 inches long and shaped like a triangle but rounded on one end, made out of a firm plastic, it is also beveled on one side like a knife. Use this to start pulling up the tape and the plastic should not hurt the paint. There is also an adhesive remover smells like oranges. If you park the car out in the sun this should heat the stripes enough. Start at one end and work slow after it starts keep even pressure on it. Then you will have a strip free car. To clean the remover use denatured alcohol, then wax it and you be done! If you use a heat gun use the low setting and do not leave it on one spot long. it should not take too much heat to weaken the adhesive.

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