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SGT - California Special Sill Plates??

jaydub Mach1

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I have a 2007 White/Graphite SGT - California.


I was looking at the documentation (Hero Card) that came with the car. It states that for the Shelby GT - California version, they added the 3 gage dash pod (got that) and a "special sill plate". :headscratch::headscratch:


I was wondering if anyone with a GT- California has the "special" sill plates???


Mine have SGT standard "Shelby GT" on the sill plates.

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This is the 2008 GT-C


The dash "C" after the GT stands for "California" The sill plates have GT-C on them




Thanks for the reply!!


Yes. Mine is a California, too. But, it has the standard sill plates.


Can you post pic's of the ones with "GT-C" on them?



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Same here for my "2007 Shelby GT-California"




A little ripped. :o


Yes!!! I have the same sheet and it clearly states "Shelby GT - California" Door Sill Plates just below the Gage Pod, just like yours does.


WTF??? :headscratch::headscratch:

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