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Who has rented to bought 07H200


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After renting 06H185 in Hawaii in December 2006, I came home and my son was furious that he was not able to go to Hawaii with us - not for the vacation - to ride in the car. So for his High School graduation I took him to Vegas and rented another Shelby. When I reserved it the convertables were not out yet. One week before we left, Hertz showed the convertibles on their site. I called but they could not promise that I would have a convertible because at that time they had both. So everything was up in the air. We got to Vegas, went to the ticket counter, did our paperwork, and as far as we knew and from what they told us we were getting a coupe. We walked out to the slot, and there was a convertible! 07H200. So new it had no plates. we got in it and it was less than 2 weeks old and had less than 1000 miles on it. We drove to the Dam and out to Shelby to take some pictures. We had a great time!


When we turned the car in, the lady asked how fast we got it. We told her that we never found a good open road with not much traffic to reall open it up. She said "You mean you didn't take it out to the track? If you where at Shelby the track was right there! Everyone rents these cars and takes them to the drag strip." Well that was a fine time to find that out. I still can't complain. After renting 2 GT-Hs, I ended up buying 08SGT0994 and had a good time in 06H185 and 07H200! Let's see what I get wwhen I go to Vegas in May 08!

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