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Radar Detector Mount


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I was getting tired of dealing with the suction cup mount for my Valentine 1 & finally found something that is a whole lot better in my opinion.


The site where I found them is:



In addition to the V1, they make them for the Escort & Bel radar detectors.


The cost was about $50 (including shipping & insurance). I ordered it last Thursday (3/6/08) & received it today (3/10/08).


It is machined aluminum (6061-T6 for you engineer types), anodized black with helicoil inserts for the screws (2 phillips head, 2 socket head). It took about 20 minutes to get it installed & adjusted.


Here's all the parts included in the kit & the kit with the V! & the windshield mount with the suction cups removed



Here's the mount installed on the rear view mirror post



Here's the V1 installed




The mount & V1 bracket stay installed all the time, but is not easily noticeable from outside the car because of the dark interior & the tinted glass.


They work on a wide variety of vehicles as long as you have either a 3/4 inch or 23 mm diameter rear view mirror stem.

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My Passport Solo is in my glovebox. With the instant-on radar they use here - and the fact that there's rarely anyone in front me - it won't do me much good. If anyone would like to buy it from me - shoot me a PM. I used it maybe 3 hours.


Nice bracket, Kurt!

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