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speaking of computer glitches....

i just recently had to restore my harddrive. i had some trojan horse contaminating everything. kept tryin to change my homepage and tryin to get me to download this bogus spyware and anti-virus prog.

and i couldnt find my disk to install my printer so i had to download that. i guess some kid at best buy forgot to stick the printer software disk back in the box when i bought the computer rig. they installed everything for me at the store.

took me all day yesteryday to restore everything back to where it was. and my USB ports werent functioning so i had to uninstall and reinstall them in the device manager. it turned out to be just that simple. i did some web searching to find the solution. and the whole time i was thinkin my computer was shot and i was about to throw a brick at it.

stupid computers. they are handy as hell but when they get screwed up its like as Flash Gordon once said, its like "flying blind on a rocket cycle"

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