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2008 Shebly KR MSRP


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I hope the KR is worth it. Gave deposit and have VIN#s. Little more than we wanted, so we hope it is worth it.


Paid for our Super Snake too, just waiting for Shelby to take the GT500 convertible for the upgrade. When it is all said and done the Super Snake is costing less to purchase than the KR. Need it in the stable though.

Sehbly GT 500 $42,170.00

destination and delivery $745.00

Gas Guzzler tax $1,300.00

Navigation System $1,995.00

Shelby GT500KR package $35,665.00


O’YA the $81,875.00 is not counting the dealer’s markup!




Hope the attachment works, so you can see pricing. SORRY! Attachent to big, will not let me attache the three pages

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