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paint overspray ?

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I recently took delivery of our 08 shelby vert. I noticed that at the lower front air dam where the vista blue

meets the flat black there is quite a bit of overspray of the blue onto the black. I'm curious if this is common

on other cars. I'm taking it to the dealers tommorrow for a paint blemish on the leading edge of the hood. And

am wondering if the overspray is also unintentional. I haven't learned to post pics yet or I would have.

Thanks , Don

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never heard of it . Is it a product from Mothers Wax ?


Opps. Sorry for the incomplete info...


Here's their on-line store...




I bought one this past weekend at our local Kragens Auto Parts. But, I'm sure they sell it at most others.



Good Luck!!

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went to my dealer today. they took pics and either e-mailed or faxed copies. twenty minutes later ford approved

the repair. Now I'm just waiting to get it into their body shop, probaly next week.

I just want to thank everyone on this site for your help, this really is a great forum and I'm

really pleased I joined it. Thank You , Don

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