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Newbie. 07 Should be in stock within 3 weeks


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Hello guys. Newbie waiting on my 07 GT500. How much am i being raped? 3K over sticker.




While there are people on here that will tell you that you were "broken open like a fine Belgian shotgun", the truth is that you weren't raped. You were, however, fondled. Cigarette?


Those that pay over MSRP are paying for early availability. I did it...same thing you did. I'd do it again. Of course having said that I'll probably have recalls up the wazoo because it's an early production car!


Oh well. It feels great to drive it and fun to look at it. Lots of thumbs up on the road. I hope you ordered the upgrade with the electrochomatic mirror. The night I drove mine home, everyone was tailgating me trying to see if it was a Shelby. It would be tiresome flipping that mirror lever all the time.





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