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Did I miss it?


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Yes rarecat, you must have missed it because I got mine. I was just speaking with a few friends today and they said they got theirs too. You must have been passed. Did you swear or upset anyone at on this forum or at SAI lately?


Ah, just messing with ya, no newsletter yet. LOL


They did send out the Feb Mods Update Newsletter last week, but the new monthly newsletter is due out any day now - likely this week but stay tuned.


While you're at it, check your filters or spam folders to make sure you can accept emails from the shelbyautos.com or teamshelby.com domains.



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Thanks Sharon, is it via Email or snail mail?


There will be come March a once a month e-mail news letter, we are in the process of also on top of the once a month e-mail news letter. Looking into doing a snail mail Newsletter 2 or3 times a year. however that one is still in the works and is still a couple months out.




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