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The Roush runs a more modest boost (5 lbs) - so has less hp the Kenne - but Roush warranties the entire drivetrain for 3/36 as long as a certified Ford tech does the install.


I'm going for peace of mind - not all the hp I can get. The Whipple is whipping (!) up a blower for Ford Racing - but no warranty on drivetrains - and only a 1 yr warranty on the blower.


Gonna love poppin' the hood at car shows!


Mine will be a daily driver - so I'm looking for reliability.

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Why isn't 07 included? What's changed per official documentation (ie parts list). Not speculation like on website banter and pictures from car shows and salesman front lot BS.


Anyone know, please no guesses....



I know I'm not supposed to guess but I *guess* that the '07 incompatibility is due to the tune. Maybe Ford has changed something in the EEC for '07. I doubt anything else has changed. If I'm correct, then once they verify the tune is good for '07 models they'll release it as an '05-'07 kit.


Saleen makes a nice kit, too. Very comparable to the KB.


The only 3v engines that I'm aware of that have windowed (blown up) are guys making in excess of 450RWHP but I'm sure there are others untold. :cry:

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The tech at Roush told me Ford changed something on the design of the intake for '07. He thought they should have the new version out within a month.


Roush is the only one I know of that warranties the entire drivetrain - not just the blower - for 3/36.


Enlighten me if you can! I'm not married to a Roush.

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I know, me too.


Apparently, it depends on the strength of your product.


I was looking for an office desk - and I like Lexington's Bob Timberlake's cherry line. I had to call about 10 retailers to find one that would come down off of msrp on the desk! Most said Lexington didn't allow that. Luckily, I found a store hungry enough to deal.


I don't see that happening with the blower!

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