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Wife & I headed for Dick's Brew House with Shelby


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I know it is short notice but the weather seems to be clearing up, at least here in Kent, Washington and my GT 500 has been all couped up for a long time because of all the Rain and Snow.


Dick's Brew house is a great deli and even better brew house. Very small place with only about 8 booths. Their Danger Ale is a dark beer

but smooooother than an Amber.


Anyway, it would be great to finally meet some other owners so fuel up and meet me & the wife at the brew house. Just find your way to I 5 Exit 88 about 20 miles south of Olympia, Washington. Then head South on old Hwy 99. It is easy to miss so keep an eye out on your right for their sign. I will be the guy with the Shelby GT 500 Jacket and Hat.


We will be there somewhere around 2:00pm. We will be driving down from Kent on I5.


If you can't make it today maybe we can plan a trip somewhere in the future. In any case my wife and I are going today. Hope to see you there.

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You all missed out on some great food and even better drink. :happy feet: :happy feet: :redcard::redcard: I will give more notice next trip.



Man wish i would have known, I actually had mine it out in this fabulous wheather today. Be great to get some Washington folks together.


This really was not planned because I knew I was going 10 minutes before I posted the invitation. :doh: :burnout: We should plan something a couple of weeks or even a month in advance.


I don't know how you feel about maybe a 200 mile trip but I love day trips over to the 3 Crabs Restaurant in Squim on the Peninsula. I'm not looking at a calendar right now but maybe sometime in March or April, weather permitting.


Or we can always go back to Dick's or you guys could pick a location.




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