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S197 Boss by FUD-Design


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Robert. This is great stuff. I would think TIMING would be critical to this car's release, so as not to interfere with the GT500. But, I believe the pricing would be such that each car has it's own camp, and the sales numbers for each would be huge. Also, the website is great, have the different forums co-located. It's nice to get early-on info, even if sometimes speculation.

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Hey, I love your GT. That is the same train of thought I have for my ’05 Sonic Blue GT. I just ordered the CDC Shaker and a Hurst Comp Plus shifter. I just got a quote from my paint guy for the hood black out and I plan on ordering the Mag 500 wheels soon. Yours looks real nice, they should have made a Mach I for us Mach lovers! I would love to see some more pictures if you have any. How do you like the shaker by the way? Was it as easy to install as they say? I also like your front spoiler, where did you get it? What size wheels did you get? I can’t find any larger than 18 inches, I would like to get some a little bigger. Thanks for your time, Joe




Looks good but need a shaker and they need to add the option of the 1970 style boss 302 stripe



Sorry that post was a reply to 05yellowgt. Joe

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