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SAI Update 2-8-08

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Update---Update ---2-08-08--- Update---Update


First and foremost, I would like everyone to join me in wishing Carroll Shelby a Happy 85th Birthday.

I definitely have to agree with the quote, "No one man has done more to fuel the desire of the sports car enthusiast." Austin Healey, Ferrari, the Cobra, the GT350 and GT500. Carroll has been leading the pack with these cars since the fifties. Now we are in the "new Era" of Carroll's leading the pack,

and you have the chance to drive the cars that are up front.


Here's the latest..


40th Anniversary


We have now completed over 66 Shelby GT500's into 40th Anniversary cars. This includes cars that have been optioned with supercharger upgrades and brake upgrades. We had originally anticipated more than 80 by the end of year but are still busy completing the 08' Shelby GT line and expect to be done within the next couple of weeks. Once the 08' SGT's are completed, our entire production line will become our Mod Shop and

then our mass production will begin.


As mentioned before, the 40th Anniversary cars are getting the adjustable pan hard now. We have shipped pan hard bars out to the cars that were delivered prior to this change. Originally, we were going to ship these pre adjusted. We decided not to do this because each cars specifications are different. All of the Anniversary cars that we deliver now will include these bars. They will be adjusted to fit each car.


Super Snake


We have called in the first ten convertibles and to-date have built 2 customer owned Super Snakes,

a Red convertible and a Tungsten Coupe. We will be able to post pictures of these cars once we get a release from the customers. Like stated before, "Menacing" is the best word used to describe these cars.

I can reiterate that after seeing these two.


We will produce 1,250 units of the 07 Super Snake

We will produce 1,000 units of the 08 Super Snake


The adjustable pan hard bar has been added to the Super Snake package.


When ordering your post title package for your car, please be prepared to indicate any options that you want on your car. Any changes done to the order after we have requested shipment of your car will warrant a "Change of Order" and could significantly delay the delivery of your car. If you do however, indicate a change, your car will be built in accordance with you original order and then be put back into the queue until the additional parts can be ordered and added.


Many of you have already installed a clear bra, or invisa shield of some sort.

Please have these removed before you deliver your car to our facility.

Also, please remember to send the tuner to your car if you have already performed a computer upgrade.


Once your car has been completed, please make arrangements to pick up your car or have it picked up as soon as possible. Our space is limited and we cannot store these cars for more than a couple days.


On any of our GT500 packages, if you order the 700+HP package the Polished Supercharger will be an add'l $1,300 upgrade charge and the Satin Supercharger will be an add'l $650 upgrade charge.

This package will allow you to have the flat black, upgraded satin or polished finish.



We have released the information on the Terlingua and have begun to compile a list of interested parties for this package. We expect this program to get into full swing this summer.




At this time, we have stopped taking deposits on our packages.

We will continue to do all necessary paperwork and assign CSM numbers to your cars, but will not require the deposit until we call to schedule your car for upgrade. Please note that without taking deposits, many people will proceed with the paperwork and CSM assignment.

But, once we are ready to schedule the work to be done, more people will be likely to back out of the package. This will have a direct reflection on CSM numbering, so the CSM numbers that we assign to cars from this date forward will be considered "tentative".


*Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your "tentative" CSM Reservation packet.


Tasca & Quantum CSM # Changes

Please be advised that when scheduling your vehicle at either the Tasca or Quantum shop(s), your original

CSM # would change. These shops were allotted a specific range of CSM's #'s, based on location of build.

You as the customer, have the option of keeping your original CSM #, by sending your vehicle to

Shelby Headquarters in Las Vegas.


CSM Assignments are as follows:

300 to 400 would signify that your car was built at Tasca

400 to 500 would signify that your car was built at Quantum


Our goal is to deliver high quality, high performance packages to every one of our customers.

We appreciate your continuing patience with Shelby Automobiles. Believe us when we say that we want to deliver these cars to our customers just as much as our customers are ready to receive them.

Every question and every concern is important. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.

Our call volume is high right now due to the increasing interest in our packages,

so if you call, please follow up with an e-mail.


John Walker has chosen to pursue his own personal interests.

The team listed below are ready to help you with any requests that you have and assist in

making your automotive dreams come true.


Best Regards

Team Shelby


Points of Contact

Shelby Automobiles



Adrienne Poplin

Customer Service Rep.


ext 147

Adrienne can answer any general questions you have about our programs.


Jared Patterson

Customer Service Rep.


ext 105

Jared can answer general questions as well as technical information.


Doug Sinclair

Warranty/ Hertz


ext 102

Doug is handling warranty and Hertz questions.


Cynthia Robinson



ext 142

Cynthia is working with Bud on scheduling and can answer questions about deposits.


Bud Mahoney

Supervisor of Sales


ext 140

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