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So, will there be an '09 GT500 ??? Looks like yes


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That 10k over I paid was all smoke and mirrors


Oh well hhahaah ya right, I feel like I should hang myself


I don't think you will see an 09 GT500, they will be focusing on the 2010 redesign and possible Blown 5.0 motor to replace the 5.4 now used.


It makes sense as Ford always takes a year off every now and then when Ford redesigns the Mustang. Think year 2000, 2005, 2006

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Even if they do, I expect that the 2009MY for Mustang, will be a 6 month run, so maybe 4-5k GT500s is any at all.


According to the article, it's confirmed for both a short-year 'o9 and a mid-year intro of the '10 with a Shelby GT500 confirmed for that year as well.




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A tip of the hat to those who knew / guessed that this would most likey happen.


Mixed feelings for me, yes it may hurt resale value :redcard: , but for those who just could not afford ADM, it will allow them to become part of the group and this can be a good thing!


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