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2009 Boss Forum Dropped


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I would have loved to have seen a 2009 model. Most people (novices) seem to associate the Boss 302 with the 1970 (2010) model than the 1969 model though. Anyone else see this?


Yeah, I think an '09MY Boss 302 would have been nice -- and historically correct, but c'est la vie!


Actually, there's sort of no reason now why FoMoCo could not do that (aside from maybe having not planned that <lol>) since it would seem most all the pieces and plant capabilities have since come together to support doing one in '09MY -- but I think they're gonna need DI heads on the 5.0L if they wanted to do any significant quantity on the BOSS (so mere mortals can onw one) and continue the GT500 into '09MY.


So it's definately still DOA as an '09MY BOSS, yes? I guess if the GT500 continues in '09 along with the KR and the 3.5V6 doesn't happen until '10MY, there's not a lot of room in '09MY model-CAFE for the BOSS. If there's no '09 GT500, then I think there's be plenty of room but, purely from a business perspective (lest I awake the sleeping 'investment' deamons <lol>), Ford would be foolish to NOT do an '09MY GT500, so I guess I just answered my earlier question... i.e. no BOSS 'till '10MY then.


Does that logic still work based on what you're hearing, Robert?



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