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Front License Plate Holder - Original


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I bought GTH#298 a few weeks ago. When I got her home, I realized that Hertz ( or the dealer I bought it from ) had mounted the front license plate directly to the bumper......yes, screwed it into the bumber, leave two nasty holes. The only two ways to cover it up are;


1) new stripes over the repaired bumper or

2) find an original plate holder somewhere and cover it up until I replace all the stripes.


BTW, my stripes are badly discolored. I am working on finding the best method for cleaning them, so far a couple products have worked real well so, hang on and I will post my findings with pictures of before and after!

Does anyone have a front license plate holder I can buy off them????


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You should be able to get one from your Ford dealer for $13.50. The part number is 7R3Z-17A385-CA. The mounting holes are different than the license plate so you may have to drill two more holes to use it.


Thanks...I love these forums! I will go to the dealer and pick on one.


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The front license plate bracket that screws into my GT-H bumper is a Chrysler product. It is off a PT Cruiser.


I just bought one. I wanted to flush mount my license plate frame and had to remove the two top license plate tabs to do so. And, of course, didn't want to carve on the original MOPAR unit.


This may be old news, but I couldn't find any info doing a quick search of this site.

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The Chrysler Description from the new license plate holder I bought: : Description: "5116153AB : Plate: Package". Source "275H". $26.25


Note trimmed tabs.


I'd like to get a thin GOLD frame, if anyone knows where...


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