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GT500 Clone


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Im not too much into the GT500 but ran across this and thought it looked pretty close. Maybe you GT500 owners can tell a difference. I know there are some differences in the interior but the exterior looks pretty accurate. Either way, found it odd the buynow price is $35,000.




Thats actually not a bad looking car!

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+1 looks very nice. Then again, at 35k, for another 10, you could get the real thing.



That is a vert. So for another $16K - $17K you could get the real thing.


I have a brand new 07 that is a coupe. Red with white stripes.


You could buy it for $32,500 with rebate applied. You couldn't build it for that. We have $37K in it. The stripes over the top are painted. Not vinyl like the real ones.











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I like the gold stripes on the black.


That was actually my very first choice but Ford did not offer gold stripes. I don't know why but that was what I wanted. Second choice I was going to order grabber orange with black stripes. They didn't offer black stripes. So I went with the vista blue.


I see they added $3K for the stripes plus a $25K ADM.


Since that is a 2007 and it is over a year old now, I think MSRP with the stripes included would be a fair price at this point! :hysterical:

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