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2nd Annual Florida SHELBYGT500 get together


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Hey everyone


Last year I held what would be considered the largest SHELBY gathering in the state of Florida. We had at one location over 21 SHELBYGT500's and expect over 50 ShelbyGT500's this year.


We had 4 SHELBY GT's there and I would like to see closer to 20 this year !!! ... Thats why I am posting on this site.


Last years event was incredible but this year, the 2nd Annual SHELBYGT500 roundup will be on 02/24/08 in Oveido Florida.


Below is a text of what was sent on stangsunleashed now known as Team Shelby, Those with interest either PM me or e-mail me at:




Looking forward to seeing everyone on Feb 24th !!!









Announcing the second annual Florida SHELBY GT500 roundup to be held on Feb 24th , 2008. This will be our second event ... the first which is part of this post .... and was a HUGE SUCCESS thanks to YOU who attended and thanks too the vendors who donated prizes and gifts:


FoMoCo, VMP tuning, Evolution, SAI and lasty Robert and Sharon for attending !!!!!


More specifics will be forthcoming but it will be held in the same location ( thanks Brad !!! ) along with Justin and VMP tuning and his portable dyno machine.


We are still working on a vendor list for all the free handouts but I expect for this meeting the following vendors to be in full force for this years event:


FoMoCo, VMP Tuning, Evolution, JLT, SAI, Stillen, Shelby Performance Parts, Steeda and others


Last year we had 20 ShelbyGT500's show up and this year we are shooting for over 50 !!!! It ought to be the best turn out any SHELBYGT500 gathering has ever seen. We even had 4 ShelbyGTs show up and they are welcome again !!


We already have 11 cars confirmed ....along with Justins FRPP TVS blower car and a KB car from Tampa !!


I will be either using this old thread and possibly a new thread to keep everyone posted. Last year guests will be PM'd and e-mailed.


This event is not just for Floridians but for everyone. THAT MEANS U PIG


So ... get the date down ... set aside that weekend ... get your car cleaned .... and get your pretty a** down to Orlando !!!!



*******Below is the balance of the text written from last year*********



I with a few other shelby owners are planning a meet and greet here in the sunshine state .. to show off our cars .... to talk mods ... and to get to know one another .... and to discuss the passion that we ALL know we have .. and thats about our cars !


I would like everyone to respond to my thread who lives in Florida or those who are close enough bye and would want to come down ... ( guessing Orlando would be a good place to meet ) ... who you are and what city you live in ... I would also like you to pm me ... with your full name ... and a phone number so we can start planning this event.


Its in the early stages ... so suggestions are welcomed !


Lastly I will be refreshing this topic every few days so it will stay at the top ... those who dont post alot will be able to see this thread !


Thanks for everyones patience !



Stock 448rwhp

Stage I #'s 518 rwhp 487 torque

Stage II #'s 553 rwhp 534 torque



07 Mustang Shelby GT500 Coupe


Current Mods to car:

-Evolutions Stage II tune with JLT/CAI

-410 gears, 305/45/18 NITTO R's on second set of Shelby rims

-cross drilled rotors at all corners

-GT supercar powder coated blue valve covers

-Steeda Alum LCA's

-FRPP axel backs

-Cobra cigarette plug outlet / Window tint / Sequential rear turn signals

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Just a side note .... This is a SHELBY event !!


As stated above .... both Robert and Sharon attended last year and they hope to be here this year too !

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Just got a few more confirmations for SHELBYGT's attending over at Team Shelby ...



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Thanks to our vendors we are over $2000 in door prizes ... A special thanks to Fred at Evolution ... huge door prize from him !!!!


Thanks Fred u rock

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