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Real or Fake


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tough to sign a hat like that without the signature coming out messed up....but you may very well be correct.


Yeah, you're right.


Here is the description:

"Original unused autographed Carroll Shelby baseball cap. Autographed at a session here in Detroit during a SAAC® convention. Never used, in storage since 1980's. Own a piece of automotive history."


So far it's only at .99.

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I say it's FAKE... Notice the missing B&W checkered flag missing from the CS Script???




Take a look at this autograph on my airbag from Tasca show this doesn't look like a autograph compare to the ones sent in to the Carroll Shelby Children Foundation. I was about the 70th person on line to get Carroll autograph that day. What do you think and of course my friends trunk autograph.




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Well at least it says CS on it , I guess it may be worth a buck or two.

Maybe the cheap felt marker will wash off in the laundry.



I agree, where else can u get anything Shelby for a buck or two? Buy the hat and wash it hoping the ink will come out and wear the heck out of it. :D

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