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This is the second time I have had to recreate my account here. For some reason this morning my account no longer existed. Even though I had made a couple of posts.


When I created my account the first time I had a real hard time entering in those 'number codes' it asks for at the end. Only 3 or 4 of the numbers would show up. So I was unable to complete the code. I had to keep hitting refresh for them to show up.


I tried this under Firefox and IE7. Both gave the same results.


When I created my account again today I had the same issue with the security numbers. I had to keep hittign "refresh" until all the codes showed up. And now 1 out of 2 times I log in I get a "CGI Scripting" error.


So my fear is I will lose this account again at some point. The fact that I can only post in a couple of the sub-forums here furthers the worry. I get an odd error when trying to post in the GENERAL forums for example.


I hope some one can look in to this.

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I am not having any problems getting to the forum from home since Friday afternoon, but during the week last week from work it was initially very sketchy. CGI errors when accessing the forums, and finally it bled over to the main www.shelbyautos.com. That site reappeared Friday around noon, but I still couldn't get to the forums until I was home Friday night.


What I got (when I didn't get a total shutdown at the forum site) was something like "you are not authorized to access this site". At first I thought my IT guys were taking my toy away from me, but I wasn't supposed to be working anyway, and neither were they, so I suspect something was really broken. In any case if it happens when I go back on Wednesday I'll snap a picture and put it here.





Edit: I hit add reply and got this:


CGI Error

The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

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Site admin, would you please compile PHP into Apache (if that's what you're using as the webserver) and quit using CGI to execute the scripts. That way, CGI errors would no longer be an issue since the webserver would handle the process internally. In fact, I'd argue that using CGI is less secure and more archaic. By the way, I Love My '07 White SGT.

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It is my understanding that the forum part of this web site will no longer exist. Threads will be moved over, but many of us have already created accounts over there.


I am sure someone that knows more about this will chime in...but it is my understanding that effective 1/8, this site is gone :(((((((

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