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Is it real or is it Memorex?


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I also sent this to the GT forum (since I'm getting one) but maybe it's appropriate here too.


I saw this in Durango, CO in 2004. The dash had a Shelby signature plate, and the inside didn't look like it was made yesterday.


If you pull the photo and look at the sticker in the window it's a "Mile Hi Cobra Club".


Can anyone tell me if this is an original or a replica?







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There was a post that had a pointer to the Mile Hi Cobra Club (now gone) but this car looks like James Avery's car. Not bad.


Yeah, it was mine and I moved it to the Shelby GT forum. You double posted, so did I, please check there?


I don't know much about AC Cobras and I felt it inappropriate to respond in the wrong thread. But, it seems you got the 411 you were asking for anyway.


Be safe.

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